Many people use the word; antique, collectibles and vintages with the same reference and image in mind. However, there is a difference between the three. When we talk about antiques, it is any old item that shows some amount of highly-skilled craftsmanship to a certain attention and design. Antiques are desired or collected because of their age, rarity, appeal, utility, condition and unique features. In most cases, antiques are objects representing a previous era or time and can span to even 100 years.

Apart from antiques, we have collectibles. A collectible is any item that is regarded as being of value or high interest by the collector. The item could be having sentimental or some monetary value. Collectibles are in most cases of limited supply and are sought after due to various reasons.

Apart from collectibles and antiques, we have another category we call vintage. Vintages describe ant item that portrays best of certain qualities. Vintages are associated with a certain era. Vintages can be defined as items of a given period. An item can regard as vintage if it is at least 30 years old.


From this Blog

We have created this blog purposely for antique lovers. The term antique is used loosely among the masses to reflect an aged item that is of some sentimental value. Antiques are excellent and bring a touch of style and creativity for different generations.

The ability to retrieve a bit of a valuable and aged material or piece of art excites to a lot of people. In most cases, our most prized items are those that have a long history before they came into our possession. We gain a lot of pleasure by owning an aged and valuable item. We are going to discuss matters about antiques, from their history, why are they so much coveted and where you can get them when you need to make a purchase.


Buying and Selling Antiques

Before you part with your money to buy antiques, there are a couple of tips you have to follow to ensure you get the right deal. You need to know where to look for antiques and equally, know what to look for. You also need to build a relationship with furniture dealers whose styles and designs you like.

You do not need to be an antique dealer to get into the business of buying and selling antiques. Many people are buying and selling these stuff as a hobby. You can find a great bargain if you know what you are looking for and if you use the right approaches.

No matter the avenues of trade that the internet offers to us, it is very important to take the right approach when selling your antiques. Some of the bestselling tips you can employ include doing a product search and writing a description for your items guided by the right keywords and titles. You should also provide excellent high-resolution photos to help your buyers with an easy decision-making. If you have an idea for the value of your antiques, then you can set some reserves and start the bids.